Digital Transformation
& Digitalization

The terms "Digital transformation" and "Digitalization" are often equated but actually mean something different.

Digital transformation starts at a structural level in your company and creates a higher efficiency in your entire company value chain. It views your company as a coherent ecosystem and, in its digital form, shapes your entire strategy and company organisation.

Digitalization goes hand in hand with the digital transformation and converts previous manual processes into digital processes in a selective and targeted manner. In concrete terms: software is developed and/or adapted to the specific requirements of your company.

We support you as our customer in both the digital transformation and digitalisation.

Within the scope of the consulting mandate for digital transformation you have given us, we will work with you to examine your existing company processes and structures with regard to possible digitalization. This will also give rise to new business approaches and areas. These often go beyond your existing business model or are completely different from it.

With our advice and help, you solve existing problems and challenges in your business processes, related to:

  • Clients
  • Business models and
  • operational processes

Our experts are your ideal partner thanks to their broad industry, solution and methodological expertise. You can rely on us to accompany you in the long term and support you with our expertise.

We are also the connecting element between the strategic view and the actual digital implementation, in which we specifically accompany and control the digitalization of your processes.

If you would like to digitally map or expand your analogue business processes in a selective and focused manner, then we are your partner for digitalization.
Our customers experience 3 decisive challenges in digitalization in practice:

  1. who has the competence to digitise your processes through software?
  2. who has the resources and is available for your company on the market?
  3. who makes sure that your management understands the language of the software developers?

For the actual programming of your software, we work very closely with an innovative boutique software development company, based on trust and many years of experience.
Among other things, this enables us to realise these solutions for you:

  • IoT & IIoT platform architectures and development
  • Software development and smart apps
  • Data science and AI applications
  • ERP systems and enterprise cloud solutions
  • Design, prototyping and concepts (UX/UI)

Together with our partner we have the resources to implement your demanding digitalization projects. We can scale these resources from small to large projects and can meet any challenge.

We as BUDS International are the interface between you and the actual software development and seamlessly accompany the digitalization process.

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